DAY2: A photo of the celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance. 

Quinn Christopher Jaxon a.k.a. Kurt Madison. Although I’ve always said that it would be highly unlikely that I would ever get married because commitment really isn’t my thing, I honestly feel like if this perfect man was my groom, I would just rush through the whole wedding ceremony in a hurry to get on with the fucking HONEYMOON. That’s really all I want. 

Anyway, when same-sex marriage is finally recognized worldwide, perhaps by then I’ll be mature enough for that amount of commitment. Or maybe I’ll meet the woman of my dreams before that happens. Whether my life companion turns out to be male or female is really a non-issue as far as I’m concerned. When I meet him or her, that’ll be the day. But I don’t really know. Marriage is still a pretty scary concept for me personally. 

Right now though, if you ask me who I would marry at this point just for the honeymoon, I’d say Quinn. Fuck yeah.

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Posted on Saturday, 4 August
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